Fagan Piano Studio

Summer Tuition

Billed in two equal payments, 

due by June 10 and July 10

Six lessons - $264.00

Seven lessons - $308.00

Eight lessons - $352.00

Nine lessons - $396.00

Ten lessons - $440.00

Options to get the six lessons scheduled: (Yes, you may select from more than one option)   

  1. Private lessons, one or more per week         
  2. Workshops – choose one (or more) of the following. Scheduled 90 minutes each day, each 4-day workshop is considered four lessons.
  • Ensemble Workshop (3 - 5 students, aged 8 and up who have completed at least one year of lessons) In this FOUR-day workshop, students will learn several keyboard ensemble pieces and will work with the 12-bar blues and other improv techniques.
  • Lead Sheet/Chord Chart Workshop (2-4 students, aged 7 and up who have completed at least one year of lessons)  In this FOUR-day workshop, students will review scales/chords, and learn to use them in playing from lead sheets and chord charts.  Especially useful for students who enjoy playing popular music, and/or want to play in a worship band in church!

    3.  “Annual East vs. West Throwdown” – Students have had a                    great time the past several years with these team games, and this            year it will be hosted at my studio here in Clermont.  Sign up                 now and help our team win this year’s trophy!            

        This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday July 26, from                        10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. (lunch is included).  This is considered ONE         lesson. LIMIT OF SIX STUDENTS, AGE 13 AND UNDER.

       This event will count as one lesson.

Summer lessons are meant to be flexible and fun!  They help students retain what they have learned over the school year. 

Studies have shown that students who don’t take lessons over summer break lose 2-4 months of piano learning and often find it frustrating to pick up piano again during the school year.

In order to secure a spot in my fall schedule, you must enroll for at least SIX lessons during this summer.  I realize that family trips and activities can come up quickly in the summer, so you may also use the page below if you need to re-schedule a lesson. 

Just check to see what’s available and give me at least 24 hours notice. As always, lesson tuition is not refundable.

Click here to see available days/times:  Summer Schedule.

​​Current students are given priority scheduling (before Sunday, May 13). After that date, NEW students are welcome!