Fagan Piano Studio

What do you charge?

Lesson tuition is billed in equal amounts for the school year term (August through May), and will be $148.00 per month for a 90-minute weekly session, or $115.00 per month for a 60-minute weekly session, effective August 1, 2018.  Students starting after that date will have their monthly tuition pro-rated based on the number of lessons remaining in the school year. I will quote you an exact monthly tuition at your complimentary interview in my studio.

Will piano lessons be FUN for my child?

I will do my best to keep lesson time fun in my studio each week.  Learning is a process, though, not an event. A big part of my job is helping them to struggle through the hard bits, teach them to be independent learners, and then celebrate their success!

How do I know if my child is ready for piano lessons?

I believe that the two most important things in determining "readiness" for lessons are your child's interest in learning to play, and your willingness to schedule consistent home practice, and sit with them during practice if they are younger than 8. Parents do not need to read music yourself -- just be there to read their assignment to them, and be encouraging.

Do I need to have a piano in my home?

You will need to have at least a keyboard available for home practice. During your initial lesson interview, we will discuss the differences between electronic keyboards, digital keyboards, and (acoustic) pianos. You will need to be willing to purchase a full-sized (88-key) instrument by the end of your child's first year of study.

How much should my child practice between lessons?

Help your child get off to a great start by going with them to the piano once a day. Sit with them a bit and just enjoy making sounds at the keyboard, so that they develop a habit of making their own music. There is no need to set a clock to "time" their practice -- just encourage them to work through the goals that we chose together during their lesson . They will be written out on their assignment sheet for that week, and may often be found on post-it notes on their music.  It's great to encourage them to explore and "doodle" a bit, as well!

Do I need to be present during my child's lesson?

I only require parents to be present during lessons when the child is 6 years old or younger. Because you will be your child's "practice partner" each week, it is important that you understand what was taught during that lesson, and that you have an opportunity to ask questions.

Will my child be required to play in recitals?

I prepare all students to play in my (two) Studio Recitals each year, which are in December and May. You'll have these dates well in advance, so please do put them on your calendar. Prior to these events, your child will have had the opportunity to play in at least one Group Lesson in my studio, in front of other students. I do not require that recital pieces be memorized, and have found that almost all students learn quickly to view public performance as a means of sharing what they have learned -- not a test of their abilities.