Fagan Piano Studio

The introduction of the iPad in 2010 has opened up another path to explore the worlds of creativity, productivity, and communication.  Students are enjoying working in the studio and at home with a variety of apps that enhance their understanding of many components of Music Theory.  

ALL of my private students have FREE access to the fabulous Piano Maestro app -- in my studio AND on your iPad at home!

So...do you really need an iPad, in addition to a piano?  Check out this article from my friend, Lelia Viss

Music Apps

Learning to play a musical instrument is much like learning to speak another language.  During the Accelerated Piano Lab, students will spend some time working with music theory software and iPad/iPhone apps. I have a wide variety of software available to supplement your learning in Keyboard Basics, Staff Reading, Rhythm Performance, Ear Training, Music Composition, and Music History.  Students will also be given access to the wonderful online games at  Tonic Tutor