Middle and High School students with keyboards in their homes may be interested in partner or small group lessons using the RMM (Recreational Music Making) approach.  Way Cool Keyboarding  ‚Äčis ideal for this!

Students of all ages are loving the Piano Pronto series! Lots of familiar music in a comprehensive format.

Students aged 7 and older will love the Piano Adventures series, or Alfred Premier. Older students, and those who have had some previous musical experience will do very well with the Accelerated Piano Adventures Course, which moves a bit faster and offers music that is a bit more sophisticated.

Private lessons for students aged 5-18 are 45-minutes in length, once each week.  During your complimentary interview, I will select a curriculum that works best for each student based on their age, prior musical experience, and personal goals.

For 5 & 6-year old students,  there are lots of great choices!  Some of my favorites are My First Piano Adventure, Pianimals, Roadtrip! and Piano Safari.  

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