Fagan Piano Studio

FAQ about Adult lessons:

Do you work with adults who have never had any kind of music lessons?

​Yes! No prior experience is needed.  We will discuss your personal goals during a complimentary interview in my studio, and will plan a course of study that will help you fulfill your dreams as a musician.

Do you require adult students to participate in recitals?

No, but I will encourage you to consider it!  I don't require any of my students to play from memory at my studio recitals, which makes them much less stressful for many students. Recitals are a great opportunity to show off your progress, and I think you will find that applause is rather addictive!

Do you offer bi-weekly lessons?

​No, not for beginner and early-level students.  I have found that most students become quickly frustrated with the inevitable lack of progress that this kind of arrangement produces. If you have had several years of lessons in the past, and just want to brush up on some skills or need help in polishing a particular piece, I'm happy to discuss some short-term lessons with you!

What if I just want to learn popular music?

That's great! I don't discriminate against any style of music.

Those students who would like to participate in a partner lesson or small group will enjoy Musical Moments, which is a RMM (Recreational Music Making) approach.  Click here for more information on RMM.

Adult students may choose from a weekly, 45-minute private lesson or a partner/small group lesson that's 55-minutes in length. 

Students selecting a private lesson will benefit from one of several excellent courses available, such as the Accelerated Piano Adventure series, Adult Piano Adventures, or Piano Pronto.  All offer optional companion CDs for listening and play-along experience -- AND, as one of my students, you will get FREE access to the fabulous

Piano Maestro app if you have an iPad!